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Floating Bed: How to Incorporate it Into Your Bedroom Décor



Furniture is an essential part of our homes and workplaces. Common types of furniture are tables, sofas, chairs, beds, etc. Designer beds are in high demand today. Out of them, a Floating bed is a type of bed in huge demand. Floating king beds are usually wooden. Different types of levitating bed designs are available in the market. 

In an airborne bed, one feels he is floating in the air due to its hidden support system. Other names for the levitating bed include Floating Bed Frame, Floating Platform Bed DIY (Do It Yourself), Floating Platform Bed, Hovering Bed, and Suspended floating bed with lights. Its unique structure and finishing look attract the customer. It is a new trend in current furniture design concepts.

What is a floating bed?

Floating platform beds are modern designer beds in which one feels like floating in the air.  It is a stylish and innovative idea. The assistance of string, ropes, or hidden support creates an illusion of the Hovering bed in the air. Afloat beds provide you with the best contemporary experience. 

The fundamental benefit of a Hovering bed is that you can clean the space under the bed. You should choose a Weightless bed if you have a minimum mobility. The size of the Suspended bed is smaller than the regular bed. Lighting is usually on the bottom of floating beds. 

Soaring beds are available in many varieties. Like other beds, a “spring box” is not essential in a Weightless bed as it comes in-built. A levitating bed provides sufficient space, just like other kinds of beds. If you have a generous budget, you can choose a floating frame to enhance the appearance of your wall. Some floating king beds also provide extra space for nightstands and storage drawers.

The use of wood is maximum in making the Hovering bed. The reason is that wood is more long-lasting and flexible than foam, fabrics, or metal. The price range differs depending on your requirements and budget. This bed provides enough space and stability. 

What is a floating bed?

Pros of a floating bed

There are many positive features of a levitating bed. 

  • Artistic Appeal

The foremost important aspect of a Soaring bed is its artistic appeal. It creates the center of attraction. 

  • Maximize the space

In comparison to a regular bed, the Hovering bed is smaller. The extra space can be used for any storage. 

  • Customization 

Customization is an essential part of the Hovering bed. Customization is great because you can design the way you want. 

  • Fashionable

The Floating Bed Frame has a huge market because it is fashionable. The current fashion flow supports this kind of bed as it is stylish and comfortable.

  • Makes Cleaning Easy

Cleaning the room can be easy as there is a space underneath the bed. Apart from having an appropriate space, you can clean that space on a regular basis. 

  • Many Options

The Soaring beds are accessible in a range of patterns, designs, and colors. Like other beds, you have many options for the selection. 

  • Modern Look

The lights fitted underneath the beds change the look of the room. It gives you a modern look to the bedroom decor.  

Pros of a floating king bed

Cons of a floating bed

There are some disadvantages of the Afloat bed also 

  • Weight Sustainability 

If you are selecting a low-budget bed, then there is a chance that it cannot tolerate more weight. It may harm your bed. 

  • Not suitable for senior citizens

According to the survey, these beds are not suitable for senior citizens. People with continuous mobility cannot find these beds comfortable. 

  • Durability 

The durability of these beds depends upon your choice. The cheapest bed will last only for a couple of years. 

  • No customization in Sizing

Most of the Afloat beds have a fixed size. Customizing the size of the bed is not possible. People with large or heavy bodies may not find this suitable. 

Cons of a Drifting bed

Floating beds types

Soaring beds come in different types. In addition to a comfortable bed, everyone has different priorities and needs.  

  • The Arata Floating Platform Bed

The Arata Hovering bed is very attractive. As a result, the bed looks like it is floating. It’s just as stable as a traditional bed frame.

  • Hayate Floating Platform Bed

It is a special type of luxurious bed that offers style and comfort. 

  • Minimalist Floating King Bed 

The minimalist Weightless bed emphasizes its low-profile style. In this, an individual literally feels floating above the floor.

  •  Floating pallet-like bed 

Recycled wooden pallets make this bed. Once it’s recycled, you can paint the outer surface. These Floating Platform Beds are not long-lasting. 

  • Mid-century Modern Hovering Bed

Choose bed frames with plain lines. Design the room using popular mid-century items. You can use famous mid-century items to decorate your bed. It looks royal and elegant.  

  • Floating bed with lights

Do you want your room vibes energetic? It’s surprisingly simple. You need to fit the LED light into your room. Make sure that  bed can match your wall color. To increase the ambiance, you can apply the bulb around your bed.

  • Floating platform bed for kids

Kids are always interested in new things, especially with their bed. Kids always prefer dark colors over mild. Let the kid choose his color, and you can select the remaining items. 

  • Sofa cum floating platform bed frame

Nowadays, the use of sofa cum Hovering beds concept is in fashion. It is suitable for families who have a small room or want to use a sofa as a bed.

  • Floating platform bed with storage

There is a space for the shelf under this bed. The intention of Hovering bed is to provide extra space. You can keep books, water jugs, glasses, misc. Items, etc., under this bed. 


Choosing the Right Floating Bed

Below are some points that will help you select a levitating bed.

  • A. Factors to Consider

Before including a Drifting bed in your room, ensure you have a large room size.. Your room must have a vast vertical space to experience the floating effect.

Budget constraints are another thing to consider. Different beds have different prices according to the design, choice of bed, bed size, bed pattern, type of bed, selection of lighting and accessories, etc. Other than this, if you select extra accessories like matching LED lights, the color of the walls, interior, mattresses, etc., may raise your budget beyond expectations.

  • B. Floating Bed Materials

The bed’s life-span is determined by the materials it’s made of. You can get Drifting beds in wood, metal, or acrylic.

Wood is the most selling and reliable material out of all. The touch of wood produces the best result for a rich look. Wood is reliable and long-lasting. 

Metal is also a material used in making floating king beds. It is not a common material. If a client wants to assemble the bed, then metal is used. Metal is not long-lasting. 

Compared to wood, acrylic beds are not very reliable. Acrylic floating platform beds have shorter lifespans. The acrylic Suspended bed comes with a less-span of warranty. The price of these beds are low than other beds.

Incorporating a Floating Bed into Your Home

Though a Hovering bed can be adjusted in a small or a big room, choosing the right location is also necessary. The Hovering bed is comparatively smaller than the usual bed. You can store anything in the extra space.  

While installing a bed, safety is important.  Ensure that the room space has enough structural support to carry the weight of a Weightless bed. If you don’t know installing the bed, consult a professional.

Drifting beds come in several styles and designs. Choosing the right layout out of all is a complicated task. In order to select the structure for a Floating bed frame, you must consider the style, matching color of walls, lighting, interior, etc. Make use of the natural looks as much as possible. You must pick up a high-quality mattress matching all the exteriors. 

While selecting a levitating bed, choose the matching lighting and accessories. Place perfect lighting around or above the bed. The use of ideal lighting and accessories brightens your room. 

Maintenance tips

Maintenance of a floating bed diy is equally important. Check the cables, ropes, and chains. Polish them after regularly. Clean the mattress regularly to avoid dust. Check all the bolts, screws, and connections. Clean the surrounding areas of the bed. If your bed is in a sun area, take proper precautions against moisture. Avoid watering the bed. Follow and do as per the manufacturer’s instructions.


In conclusion, the bed in your sleeping area can enlighten your room. Adding extra beauty to your room decor depends on elements such as matching the bed color with the wall; lighting under the bed; choosing the right location and material; correctly installing the bed; and designing the interior. Thus, we can say that a perfect Drifting bed makes your room ravishing and graceful. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  Are floating king beds safe?

  1. Hovering beds are safe as well as unsafe. If you install them right, floating beds are safe. If not, then it is risky to use this bed. 

Q. What is the price range of levitating bed?

  1. The average price range of Drifting beds in India is around 12,000 rupees. The price varies as per design, structure, space requirement, lighting inclusion, etc. The price range can go up to one lakh rupees.   

Q.  How much weight can a floating platform bed tolerate?

  1. A floating platform bed can endure an average of 225 Kg to 350 kg. 

Q.  Can you make use of any mattress with any levitating bed?

A.. The bed looks rich and elegant when paired with the mattress. Make sure to choose your mattress according to the color and combination with the Weightless bed. 

Q. Can I install a floating king bed myself?

  1. Installing a floating bed diy yourself may be riskier in some cases. Hire a mechanic for installation.

Q. Are floating king beds well-built?

  1. A. As there are no four legs to the bed, there always arises a question in our mind about the building quality of the bed. Though it lets us provide the feeling of floating in the air and we cannot see its four legs, it is sufficiently well built.  

Q. Can we feel comfortable in a floating bed?

  1. Although you may feel that this is uncomfortable for everyone, it is untrue. You can feel comfort and relief just like your other comfortable beds. 



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