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How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener?



Almost everything comes in a can, whether it’s drink or food items. Along with it, you get a can opener to open it. But what if you lost the opener? What will be your first reaction? Of Course, how to open a can without a can opener? Right?

I’m! Thankfully, you do not have to think that hard as there are many options available through which you can open a can. The only thing you have to remember is that you should use all the methods below correctly.

Before coming to our main topic, let me clear your few doubts related to the can opener and why it is possible to open a can even if you lost the can opener.

How To Open A Can Without A Can Opener?

Food Can


I hate to scream, but at this moment, I want to scream loudly – Yessssss. The answer is here – purposefully, the lid can be made up of a very thin metal piece because canned producers also want to make it easier for people to open a can lid.

You can open a can with the most common utensils like knives, spoons, scissors, pliers, and forks, as these are robust and thicker than a can lid. Plus, to open a can lid, you need a stronger force to apply it.

You got your answer. Now, let me give you the stepwise descriptions to make things clear for you.

4 Ways To Open A Can Without A Can Opener

Here, I’ll talk about the four ways to open a can without a can opener and save you from embarrassment in front of your friends or guests (mostly, Karens who are always ready to insult everyone).

#1 – Using Scissors

Finding a scissor in your home is not hectic. It is easy to find them in the kitchen, racks, folders, and drawers. You might have used scissors to cut the papers and decorate items like ribbons. You may have also used it for cutting veggies. But have you used scissors to open a can yet?

Although it sounds dangerous, it can still be an excellent technique on how to open a can without a can opener. However, you must take precautions before opening a can using scissors.

Safety Tips To Follow While Opening Can With Scissors

  • First, look for a flat surface, as this is the best place to open a can with scissors. Ensure that choosing a place has fewer chances of moving.
  • Maintain a distance between the scissors and the body.
  • Ensure that your feet must touch the ground level if you are standing.
  • If you kneel down, ensure your privacy is away from complete action.

Please take these precautions because you know the sharpness of scissors – a momentary loss of carefulness results in an accident like deep cuts. This danger increases when you do not have a proper opener. Regardless, you still need to use it carefully by keeping the scissor blades’ sharpness in mind. After considering these precautions, let’s move to the steps.

Steps: For Opening a Can Using Scissors

  1. First, select a stable surface to keep the can. After that, hold the can properly in place.
  2. Take the scissors and ensure that you close the scissor blades at the start.
  3. Hold scissors in your right hand and can with the left. Ensure that the edges are pointing down the tin of the can.
  4. Now, here’s the showtime. Hit the tin of a can with scissor blades and ta-dah! The can will open.

However, make sure the pressure should be enough and does not harm you.

Note – Sometimes it happens! When you desperately want to open a can with a scissor, the tin is not opening. In such conditions, don’t forcefully hit the can as it can harm your hand holding the can.

#2 – Using Pliers

Do you not have scissors? Wait! Have you seen the hardware weapon Plier? Yes, you guessed it right!

The pliers are available in many shapes and sizes, from small to large. All these are used to grip a pipe or rod, twist wires properly, and perform other tasks.

Now, are you wondering why I have mentioned it here? Your forehead tension lines are questioning this, correct? So, the answer is that you can use a can to open it.

Have you done this before? Well, if you haven’t, cross your limits at this point. However, don’t forget the health precautions you take and the safety tips you follow.

Precautions & Safety Tips To Follow While Using Pliers

  • First, find out the correct size pliers. If you use different sizes, it can harm you.
  • Once you find it, hold it correctly because you have to manage the pliers’ handles.
  • Ensure that the grip of your hands is steady and non-slippery.
  • It is better to use pliers to open a can by sitting on a chair or ground level.

Please take these precautions because you know the consequences can be dangerous. Pliers are not toys; if they slip from your hand, you may face the music. Now, let’s go through the showtime.

Steps To Follow To Open A Can Using A Pliers

  1. Take a can, place it on the table surface or the table, and hold it with your left hand.
  2. Get your pliers and put them on the point meeting with the can top and the can side.
  3. Ensure that you place the tips on the seal fold. (It’s the exact point of opening a can with pliers.)
  4. Now, the most important thing! Hold the tip of a can with the pliers and twist the pliers.
  5. Repeat it near the lid, as you do with the can opener.
  6. Finally, you can open the can by pressing only.

All in all, did you see this? Is it easy to open a can using pliers? However, don’t hurry because a hurry suits the devil only. Now let’s move on to our third easiest method.

#3 – With Fork

By now, you have seen two methods of how to open a can without a can opener, including scissors and pliers. However, if you don’t have these two things in your home, don’t worry!

You will surely need this method of opening a can using a fork. A fork is available in every kitchen. Right, no? It is not heavier than pliers, nor do you need to use a unique technique to hold this, like scissors.

Still, you must be careful when opening a can using a fork. Use these healthy precautions and safety tips when you are in battle.

Precautions & Safety Tips To Follow While Using Fork

  • Forks are lightweight and increase the chances of falling from your hands. Therefore, ensure that your grip is enough to open a can.
  • The process can destroy your fork, so make sure wasting a fork is not a big deal for you.
  • Don’t pressurize the fork because the pressure can bend the base.
  • Your standing position helps perform this process.

So, let’s open a can from below.

Steps To Follow To Open A Can Using A Fork

  1. Take a can and hold it with one hand.
  2. Take another hand and hold a fork.
  3. Hold the fork tightly and place it on the outer side of the can. Make sure that only one prong goes inside the can and the other three remain outside.
  4. Run the fork down and up so the metal top side will start tearing.
  5. After the process, you will see the open can.

In this process, I’ll assure you that your fork will be ruined if you don’t use it appropriately. But, don’t worry about that as you get something to drink, which you wanted to drink for the last few minutes.

#4 – Open A Can Using Screwdriver

I use the screwdriver to tighten the nails, and I am sure you do the same with the screwdriver. But, out of many uses, a screwdriver is the best thing to open a can without a can opener.

Now, you might get an idea that I will tell you to find the screwdriver in your home or garage. Wait, don’t rush! Yes, I will ask you to get the screwdriver! So, search for the screwdriver and hammer immediately.

If you can’t find them in the garage or home drawers, check out your tool kit. Indeed, it is placed in the toolbox, reducing your efforts.

Before moving on to the next step, let me follow the rituals of this article and inform you about the precautions and safety tips.

Precautions To Follow While Using Screwdriver

  • Make sure you handle a screwdriver with care because this process is dangerous.
  • It would be better if you take help from your elder brother or father if you are below 13. The reason is that they may have used a screwdriver before.
  • Ensure you are not pressing it roughly, and the instructions themselves say to handle it with care.

Steps To Follow To Open A Can Using Screwdriver

  1. Take the can and screwdriver and hammer
  2. Place a can on the table or on steady ground.
  3. Now, put the screwdriver at the top of the can and hold it with one hand.
  4. Use your second hand to take the hammer and make a hit.
  5. You will get a punctured hole. Put on the screwdriver and hit the hammer again.
  6. Repeat until the complete outer lid is removed.

Now you can have your drink, I mean the effort drink, haha.

What Precautions Need To Be Taken While Trying The Above Methods?

If you are in a situation where you do not have any options left, you need to go with the methods mentioned above. But you need to make sure that you do not harm yourself.

While attempting any of the above methods, you must maintain distance between your hands and fingers. Also, carry a soft cloth with you to clean off the top in case something comes out while opening a can.

The main thing is not to swiftly attempt any of these techniques. Maintain patience and be alert. Keep your focus while trying any of these methods.


It’s time to celebrate; you have successfully opened up a can, and that too without a can opener. Most of you might think it’s a great show-off thing, but it is not. Use these methods in case of emergencies and when you cannot find an opener. This is when your skills will be worth showing and will get appreciation from the surrounding.

Well, let me know which method is more useful in the comment!


Q. Which Is Your Favorite Can Opener Method?

Ans – My personal favorite is the fork and the screwdriver with a hammer method. Whenever I’m unable to find a can opener, I start finding the fork to open a can. If I don’t get that, I choose the other screwdriver and hammer method. Although it takes time, it is the safest method to consider.

Q. How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener With A Spoon?

Ans – First, select a stable surface to keep the can. After that, hold it properly in a place and use the spoon with your second hand. Keep the spoon at a 90-degree angle from the can. Make sure that the bowl part of the spoon towards the bottom means against the lid of the can.

Now, the real struggle has started. Start rubbing the spoon tip back and forth on the can lip. Continue doing this till the time rubbing thin the can lid. Once the spoon is rubbed through the can lid, hold the lid upwards. Do not put your fingers on the lid edges as it can cause deep cuts. Furthermore, use a towel or any other cloth to protect your hands.

Q. How Do You Open A Can Without Can Tab?

Ans – Use a blunt butter knife to open the seal. First, see the seal carefully and observe where aluminum can break. Now, press the tip of the knife on the seal until it breaks down.

Q. How To Open a Can Without Any Tools?

Ans – The first thing you must do here is to find a rough surface, anything between rock or concrete slab. Once you have a rough surface, keep the position of the surface against the top of the can. Press the top of the can against the surface. Continue this process till the can gets opened.

After the seal gets broken, ensure you are wiping the dirt with a soft cloth before opening the lid.

Q. How To Open a Can Without a Can Opener With a Pocket Knife?

Ans – Keep the can on a flat surface and hold it steadily with one hand and keep the knife in the other hand. Now, poke the knife tip inside the can and repeat poking till the time the can opens up. Nevertheless, maintain your patience while doing this.

Q. How Do You Open a Can With Your Hands?

Ans – First of all, hold the can with two hands and start squeezing both sides with both hands. Start slowly initially and then gradually increase the force, and the boom lid pops up. Also, do not forget to hit the can side against the hard object.

Caution: The lid pops up due to extreme squeezing that can cut your finger.

Q. How To Open a Can With a Key?

Ans – There are many types of canes available in the market. Some come with a key and some without a key. So, you must follow the steps below to open a can with a key.

  • Isolate the key from the can’s top
  • Insert the key where you see the opening
  • Bend the key in the inverse position of the strip
  • Twist the key in every direction possible
  • Finally, remove the top and enjoy the meal

Q. How To Open a Can With Chef Knife?

Ans: Firmly hold the knife’s handle and ensure the blade’s back corner is upright, facing the inside can’s rim edge. Keep your fingers at a safe distance from the blade, push the heel corner downward, and start perforating the lid at a particular angle. This technique works similarly to an old-fashioned can opener.



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