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How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Rugs (2024) Update



Are you ever bored of standing on hard, cold floors while cooking in the kitchen? I understand that cookhouse floors take a beating. Hot spills, dropped utensils, and heavy appliances can leave their mark. Kitchen rugs act as a buffer, shielding your flooring from scratches, stains, and premature wear.

This blog will explore whether these cozy underfoot pieces are worth adding to your culinary space. We’ll also take you through our top 6 picks of rugs for your cooking area that go beyond decorative pieces and provide various benefits.

What are Kitchen Rugs?

Want some aesthetic vibes in your cookhouse? Why not start with decorating your cooking room mats and making it work-worthy? It is where rugs come in!

Rugs for the cookhouse are large decorative pieces of fabric placed on cooking room floors, such as the kitchen island, entryway, under the stove, or the dining area, etc.

Adding advanced rugs to your modern cooking room offers more than texture and color. By advanced, I mean the rugs built with premium features such as anti-fatigue, anti-slip or water-resistant, etc. 

They are synonymous with kitchen mats or kitchen runners. You can purchase them in various colors, patterns, and designs to amp up your cooking space aesthetics. They are also available in different sizes and shapes to sync up with your Cooking Space Layout.

In addition to cushioning your feet, kitchen rugs protect your floor from scratches, stains, and scuffs. 

How to Choose a Kitchen Rug?

Look for cooking area rugs that are in sync with the requirements of your cooking space. Matching them with your kitchen or home decor isn’t a big deal. Yet, hopping onto a right rug might be a tedious task.

Googling rugs for the kitchen provides you a ton of options to choose from. But, before you even look for them, have you considered certain buying factors? Yes, that’s what is missing most of the time by the rug providers!

Without any further ado, let’s look at the curated list of pointers that will help you choose the BEST rug for your BEST cookhouse.

Safety is first and foremost!

I was talking about making your cooking area rugs work-worthy, and I’m committed to doing so by not compromising on safety!

Your idea might not sustain for long if you’re thinking of placing kitchen rugs merely for decorative purposes and nothing else. By doing so, you might buy a piece of slippy fabric that will create even more mess in your cooking room than doing any good.

When buying yourself a rug for the cooking space, don’t forget to look for words like ‘Anti-Slip’, ‘Slip-Resistant’, and so on. They will be your life savers! 

Understand that the lines of difference between a kitchen mat and a kitchen rug are slowly fading. So, getting your hands on premium-quality, slip-resistant kitchen mats is never a bad idea.

Always consider the premium quality

Now, a portion of your buying consideration goes to the material selection. Look for rugs with materials that are comfortable enough to walk barefoot, and are stain-resistant and durable. 

Polyester, wool, jute/sisal, and vinyl/PVC are all fantastic materials for choosing rugs for your cooking room. The premium features of these materials, including moisture absorbance, stain resistance, waterproofing, and easy care make them an ideal fit for cooking rooms.

Decide the space for your kitchen rug

Go to your cooking space and determine the busiest areas where you stand most of the time. Your rug should occupy a decent space and not overcrowd it as well.

So, measure the space where you want to place rugs after determining the busy areas. Ensure you’re not covering every inch of floor. Leave at least 3-6 inches of border for the exposed floor. 

Runner rugs for the cooking space are the best partners for tricky spaces. Ensure you follow certain parameters while choosing your rug’s size. A good rule of thumb is to have a rug as large as a table, plus about three to four feet to keep chairs if you place kitchen rugs under the dining table.

Make them aesthetically attractive

Style over comfort? Choose comfortable styles instead. Buy the rugs that work well with your kitchen decor theme. However, you don’t need to master color palettes. 

A bit of contrast works just fine! Go for solid rugs if you have a neutral-colored cooking area and vice-versa. On the other hand, colorful kitchen runners are an ideal fit for long cooking area entryways.

Avoid buying light-colored rugs. Stains will show easily on them. They may even cost you a lot on maintenance. Darker colors or textured patterns are good to go with.

Look for washable kitchen rugs

Consider buying them for easy cleaning purposes. Alternatively, you can look for easy spot cleaning rugs if they are machine washable.

With washable rugs, you can toss them in the washing machine for a quick refresh, no harsh chemicals or scrubbing required. It’s ideal for muddy paw prints, pet accidents, or greasy splatters. 

What Type of Rug is Best for a Kitchen?

Think kitchen rugs like they are shoes for your cooking space! They add aesthetic, protect your cooking room floors from sneaky spills, and offer comfortable cushioning for those tireless dance moves.

Let’s move ahead and make them your cooking room hero by choosing from different types of rugs you can have as per your cooking room requirements.

Large Area Rugs

Get yourself a large area rug if your cooking room is large and is plain in design. These are also ideal for cooking spaces connected with living rooms or studio apartments.

Place large kitchen rugs underneath the large kitchen table or a cookhouse island. Opt for synthetic fibers like nylon or polypropylene. They easily shrug off spills and splatters.

Never miss out on buying washable kitchen rugs! Trust me, your future self will thank you when that rogue marinara stain makes an unwelcome appearance.

I would recommend a low-pile or flatweave rug. It is your best bet for easy cleaning. A non-slip backing would be a plus to ensure your rug stays put, even when things get a little slippery.

Medallion Rugs

These types of rugs are a perfect fit for traditional cooking spaces. Nonetheless, their timeless charm makes a great addition to any cooking space. Dark rugs medallions in shades of reds, purples, and browns enhance oak-based cooking spaces.

Try mosaic kitchen rugs instead if medallion rugs aren’t your cup of tea. Blues, whites, grays, and black rug designs work well with modern cookhouses. It’s best to go for something that complements your kitchen’s modern interior design scheme.

Kitchen Runners

They almost resemble large area rugs discussed above. However, the only difference is the height. Opt for narrow runner rugs for the cooking room if you have limited space. Alternatively, wider runners suit larger cooking rooms.

Choose colors, patterns, and textures that complement your existing cooking area design. For those who are passionate about geometric prints, there are many options available today in a variety of colors and patterns.

Kitchen Mats

A kitchen mat is more functional. It is quite a smaller size variant of your kitchen rug. Currently, anti-fatigue cooking area mats are in vogue. They are built with cozy, strong fabrics.

They are multipurpose mats. This is an ideal fit for commercial cooking rooms or areas beneath standing dishwashers, cooking stoves, fried food stands, etc.

You can go for slip-resistant rubber mats to protect from unwanted injuries. Anti-fatigue drainage mats provide a substantial cushion for standing on. Prolonged standing causes discomfort and strain, which can be relieved by rubber drainage rugs. 

Loud Kitchen Rugs

Loud rugs perfectly complement the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of modern cooking spaces, adding a touch of playful contrast. They often feature bold colors, eye-catching patterns, or unique textures that speak louder and demand attention.

Believe it or not, a well-chosen loud rug can make a small cooking room feel bigger by drawing the eye and creating a focal point.

Geometric patterns, abstract designs, or floral motifs can all make for stunning loud rugs. Choose a pattern that resonates with your style and the overall vibe of your cooking room.

Outdoor Kitchen Rugs

You can even consider buying outdoor rugs for your indoor cooking spaces based on their durability. Consider this type while purchasing an outdoor rug for your cooking room as well.

Measure your cooking space and choose a rug that fits proportionally. Runner rugs for cooking areas work well in galley cooking spaces or in front of the sink, while large area rugs define cooking and dining zones in open-plan cooking areas.

However, cooking spaces with leaky appliances or frequent spills might not be ideal for outdoor rugs, as moisture leads to mold growth. Outdoor rugs work best on smooth, hard floors like tile or vinyl. They can be slippery on wood or linoleum floors

Round Kitchen Rugs

Round rugs lack tripping hazards as compared to rectangular rugs. These are especially beneficial in a busy cooking area where people constantly move around.

They also allow for smoother movement of furniture and appliances. Although these rugs are small, they are an ideal fit for people looking to buy minimalistic, manageable rugs for their cooking areas.

Our Top Kitchen Rug Picks

#1 Best Overall Kitchen Rug

MontVoo Non-Slip Woven Kitchen Rug

MontVoo Non-Slip Woven Kitchen Rug

It is an all-in-one rug with multiple features in a single product. You can buy it in two color variants, i.e. black and gray. The 100% natural rubber backing grips like a champ, even on wet floors. No more wobbly walks or unexpected tumbles!

You get two mats with sizes 20″ x 32″ and 20″ x47″, respectively. Place the large one in your busiest cooking area and the smaller one at the entryway or beside the refrigerator, etc. The uppers of this rug are durable, tightly woven fabric meant to withstand prolonged foot traffic. 

Moreover, it comes with easy care instructions. You can toss it in the washing machine for effortless cleaning – no fading, shrinking, or shedding!


Durable & absorbing materials

Anti-skid bottoms

Two colors available

Set of two different sizes mats 

Easy care

Great fit for floors like tile, laminate, concrete, or lino.


May not be an ideal fit for hardwood floors

Color may vary from the images

#2 Best Budget Kitchen Rug

Green Kitchen Comfort Runner

Green Kitchen Comfort Runner

It is an anti-fatigue and anti-slip kitchen runner engineered with durable materials to relieve spinal pressure. The mat boasts a waterproof design that repels water, liquids, oils, and stains. 

The advanced beveled edge and non-slip backing ensure the mat stays securely in place, protecting you from slips and trips. Apart from the green color, you have about 10+ color options. 

The runner rugs for cooking rooms suit doorways, balconies, laundry rooms, offices, farmhouses, and more. Its premium PVC material is both kid-friendly and durable. This set includes two rectangular mats (17.3 x 47 inches and 17.3 x 29 inches). Thus, it gives you a perfect fit for every space.


Versatile & thus suits various types of cooking space floors

Anti-fatigue material 

Anti-skid backing

Premium & durable PVC material

Cute patterns and texture designs


Some color options are out of stock

Might be thinner than expected

#3 Best Kitchen Runner Rug

COSY HOMEER Anti-Slip Kitchen Runner

COSY HOMEER Anti-Slip Kitchen Runner

I’ll take a step ahead and introduce you a kitchen rug with a unique strip design! It is not just anti-slip but ensures a secure and firm fixation to the floor. These high-quality anti-fatigue mat materials resist breakdown and compression over time, promising a lightweight and long-lasting experience. 

Built from 100% polypropylene, it resists stains effortlessly. Thus, it keeps your cooking space pristine with ease. Unlike inferior cooking space floor mats, this rug stands the test of time.

You can rest assured if any issue arises with their kitchen mats. Connect with their 24/7 friendly customer service and get easy replacements for your damaged or dissatisfied products.


Anti-skid material 

Anti-slip material

Premium polypropylene fabric

Friendly customer service

Machine washable


Contains deep creases when left unfold

#4 Best Washable Kitchen Rug

Ruggable Kamran Coral Rug

Ruggable Kamran Coral Rug

This kitchen rug comes in different sizes, colors, and rug pad options. You have the option to choose to buy a rug cover as well as rug pad while buying this rug at the official website of Ruggable. 

You can separate this Kamran rug from the rug pad and the rug cover for easy machine washing. It is quite an aesthetically pleasing rug among all our choices. The rug features Persian-inspired designs. Crafted with intricate delicacy, its bold geometric patterns and ornate borders are worth considering.

The rug is purposefully distressed for an authentic rustic look. The rug ticks all the boxes in terms of perfect fit, varied textures, and availability of different designs. This two-piece rug system is ideal if you need long-lasting, premium cooking room floor mats even if it is a bit pricey. However, each of the features of this rug are worth it.


Availability of different designs & sizes

You can buy rug cover and rug pad along with this rug

Stain & water resistant

Machine washable

Medallion inspired texture

Retro-style cooking area runner


A bit pricey

Rug cover & rug pag needs to be attached or detached separately

#5 Best Vintage-Style Kitchen Rug

West Elm Bardia Indoor/Outdoor Rug

West Elm Bardia Indoor/Outdoor Rug

As the name says, it suits both the indoor and outdoor areas. Several sizes are available. The smaller ones may meet your budget and cooking room needs. However, this rug is worth considering other size variants as well.

With this weather-resistant rug, you can achieve a lived-in, vintage look without breaking the bank or worrying about stains. Polyester yarn gives it a genuine rug feel while being extremely durable (you can vacuum it!)

You will not get a rug cover and pad along with it. However, you should consider buying them separately for extra care. Attaching it with just a rug pad is sufficient. 



Vintage look


Premium durable materials


No rug cover or pad

A bit pricey for larger sizes

#6 Best Vinyl Kitchen Mat

Food52 Vintage-Inspired Vinyl Kitchen Mat

Food52 Vintage-Inspired Vinyl Kitchen Mat

For an ultimate vintage charm, Food52 is the top-of-the line. This plush kitchen rug is a true savior for your feet during vegetable-chopping marathons and dish-scrubbing sessions. The vinyl construction ensures a durable finish while preventing unexpected slips and slides. 

Moreover, cleaning up is a breeze with this kitchen rug. Overall, the premium build helps withstand all kinds of messes in your cooking area. The non-skid back ensures stability on any cooking space surface.

The vintage-inspired and distressed pattern adds a touch of charm to your cooking area decor, effortlessly blending nostalgia with contemporary design. 


Vintage-inspired, distressed design

Durable vinyl material


Suitable on all types of cooking room surfaces

Two size variants are available


Not machine washable


Hopefully, you have understood how kitchen rugs are more than just stylish floor mats. It is essential for a comfortable, safe, and stress-free cooking zone. It will hug your feet, protect your floor, and add aesthetic to the area. 

So, why wait? Uncover the different styles of rugs with our top 6 picks discussed above and step into a happier cooking space!


Q.1 Why do people put rugs in the kitchen?

Rugs are primarily structured to protect your cooking space from unwanted mess. They help you provide a cozy space for long hours while cooking.

Q.2 Is a rug better than a carpet?

Yes, a kitchen rug is strategically crafted with durable materials and is better than a carpet.

Q.3 Should you have a rug at the kitchen sink?

A rug beneath the cooking area sink provides the desired cushioning and support, making your time at the sink more comfortable. Moreover, a non-slip rug prevents you from slipping and falling.

Q.4 Can any rug be used in a kitchen?

Generally, low-pile and flat-weave rugs are ideal cooking area rugs.

Q.5 What is the difference between a kitchen mat and a rug?

Nowadays, kitchen rugs and mats are the same due to technological advancement.



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