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Top 25 Bathroom Door Designs in 2024 You Need to Know



The bathroom is no longer just a practical place for daily tasks like getting ready in the morning or going to bed. It has evolved into a haven where people can relax and regenerate. One of the significant elements that can make a bold statement is the bathroom door design. It’s becoming more common for people to use their doors in different places to connect with nature and the outdoors. 

Aesthetic sustainability is another huge factor influencing door designs. This trend champions using environmentally conscious materials, such as reclaimed wood, recycled metals, and eco-friendly composites, thereby diminishing ecological footprints.

In the ever-evolving world of design, staying abreast of the latest trends in bathroom doors is paramount. You must know how to incorporate bold colors, textures, minimalism, and different materials into a single-door design and sync with overall interiors. 

You are in the right place to explore these nuances! We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide regarding the 25 latest bathroom door designs just for you. Each design is unique and picked after long hours of research to gather as many compliments as you can. So, let’s dive in!

Importance of Choosing the Right Bathroom Door Design

Choosing the right bathroom door design is crucial for several practical reasons beyond just looks. A well-chosen door can improve privacy, enhance functionality, and add to the bathroom’s overall feel. A solid, sturdy door, for instance, can help reduce noise, while a sliding door can save space in smaller bathrooms. The door’s material can impact moisture resistance and maintenance needs. Ignoring these aspects can lead to a less functional and less enjoyable bathroom space. Let’s learn more about its significance below!

Better sync

The door design should match the room’s look for a unified appearance. Make sure it complements your home’s interior style. 

For example, if you have wooden doors throughout your house, pick a wooden door for the bathroom as well. Also, align the style. Whether your home is rustic, modern, traditional, or industrial, the doors should reflect that vibe. Think about how sleek modern doors might feel out of place in a cozy, rustic setting. Your goal is to create harmony throughout your home, even in details like door design. 

Space use

Exploring different door design possibilities can have a big impact on how well you utilize the space in your house. There is an extensive range of space-saving door designs available to meet your unique requirements, no matter how big or small your bathroom is. One popular option that maximizes space and offers rustic appeal is barn doors, which slide down the wall. With its sleek and contemporary design, sliding doors are the perfect option for bathrooms when space constraints may make swinging doors impractical. Seamless appearance and maximum floor space are achieved with pocket doors, which slide into the wall hollow when opened. 


To avoid problems caused by too much moisture in the bathroom, you need to ventilate properly. Inadequate ventilation can lead to problems such as mold growth, which can damage surfaces and put your health at risk. 

When choosing your bathroom door, opt for features that promote air circulation to avoid these problems. To improve ventilation, which is crucial for a healthy bathroom environment, models such as sliding doors and doors with slats are beneficial.

Durable materials

It is crucial to consider the materials’ resistance to different environmental factors when choosing materials for your doors. Factors such as extreme temperatures and high humidity can greatly impact the lifespan and performance of your doors. 

Solid wood doors might not be the best option for high moisture regions, like humid, warm bathrooms, since they are more likely to distort and deteriorate. Instead, opt for materials like laminate, PVC, fiberglass, or steel doors that are specifically designed to withstand moisture and humidity. These materials offer increased resilience against environmental factors, ensuring that your doors remain sturdy and functional over time.


The safety of children and the elderly must be given first priority when building or remodeling living areas. Your checklist should prioritize putting fire safety, slide resistance, and emergency accessibility into practice. It is crucial to seek for materials that offer traction and reduce the chance of slips and falls while evaluating flooring options. Additionally, be mindful of threshold heights, as taller thresholds can pose a tripping hazard, especially for those with mobility issues.

25 Latest Bathroom Door Designs

Introducing 25 modern bathroom door designs that have been carefully selected to provide a balance between practicality and visual appeal. Every design has been carefully chosen based on some important characteristics to guarantee that it not only fulfills its intended function but also improves the overall aesthetic appeal of any bathroom.  There is a wide variety of solutions to fit every taste and style, from sleek modern designs to timeless classics. See how these newest door styles can easily improve the appearance and use of your bathroom.

Modern bathroom door designs

When it comes to modern bathroom door designs, including sleek and contemporary components, it can improve the overall look of your room. The style of door you choose can have a big impact on how your bathroom looks and feels. Sleek, minimalist doors with striking finishes like brushed brass or matte black can give an air of class and elegance. Let’s discuss adding sassy, modern elements to your bathroom doors!

1 – White Oak with glass bathroom door design

White Oak with glass

The combination of glass and wood is a modern aesthetic element. This design works in various decor styles, from rustic to minimalist homes. 

Pair your white oak doors with either frosted or textured glass panels for a more rugged look. This combination is perfect for Scandinavian, Industrial, or Contemporary houses. 

2 – Dark wood sliding bathroom door design

Dark wood sliding

Sliding doors are space-saving options. Choose dark wood sliding doors such as mahogany or walnut for a durable yet classy look. 

These deep tones and natural wood grains also add texture and depth. It is ideal for master suites, compact apartments, and open-plan homes. Thus, this design complements various housing decor styles.

3 – Natural brown bathroom swing door design

Natural brown door

If you want traditional and rustic-style bathroom decor, natural brown is the color to go for! This is pretty contrasting when paired with the black, charcoal, and metallic accents. 

It complements earthy tones such as terracotta, beige, deep greens, gold, and navy.

4 – Sliding glass bathroom door with aluminum frames

Sliding glass bathroom door with aluminium frames

You can mix glass panels and natural wood for a modern-traditional fusion. This design suits small, modern, industrial, and luxurious bathrooms. 

They are durable and easy-to-maintain designs, especially for small, luxurious spaces. 

5 – Bathroom door design with glass

Bathroom door design with glass

You can have different types of glass on your doors (such as frosted, patterned, clear, tinted, or rain glass).  You can also use French doors for bathrooms to create a classic look. 

Frameless, half-glass, and mirrored glass doors are ideal for your door designs. Tempered or laminated glass doors are durable and reflective.

Modern PVC bathroom door designs 

PVC is one of the most common and lightweight materials. It is moisture-resistant, suits traditional and modern bathrooms, and cheaper than other options. But, you need to select its design with care to preserve its charm. 

1 – Traditional light Oak PVC bathroom door design

Traditional light Oak PVC

It is ideal for classic elegance with practical PVC benefits. You can also mimic the look of a natural oak at a fraction of the cost. 

These doors are also easier to install and handle than solid wooden doors. They suit various bathroom decor styles, from modern to rustic. 

2 – Fiberglass PVC bathroom door design

Fiber glass PVC

Fiberglass adds stability and resilience to the door. Also, it makes your bathroom look sleek and modern. Combining it with PVC ensures moisture resistance in bathrooms.

It also offers functionality in the modern fiberglass style. Customize the look with sliding or pocket doors for contemporary homes. PVC, being a recyclable material, is also a sustainable choice. 

3 – White PVC bathroom door design

White PVC

White never goes out of style! Consider this design pick if your home decor is already white-themed. Or, it creates a contrast effect with white pairing. This color reflects light and also complements all decor styles. 

Yet White also requires maintenance efforts to keep it clean. You can enhance the style with knobs, hinges, decals, glass patterns, and privacy films.

4 – Slide-in PVC bathroom door design

Slide-in PVC

Do you want a space-saving yet functional design? Choose a slide-in PVC door to decorate your bathroom without compromising the available space.

Here, you have the freedom to customize your PVC material. You can add digital-print designs, a marble look, a self-adhesive PVC door,  and more.

5 – Plywood PVC bathroom door design

Plywood PVC

It means plywood-looking PVC doors! It is a moisture-resistant material yet a design that complements your home decor. 

As mentioned, you can incorporate different shades and grain patterns for PVC doors. You can also use custom vinyl decals to add quotes, patterns, or images. These PVC doors are also easy to install and handle as they are lighter than wooden doors.

Aluminum bathroom door designs

What’s the big plus? They adapt to various decor styles. For instance, aluminum frames can hold wood, glass, or panels. They provide moisture resistance and enhance your bathroom’s look and durability.

1 – Folding aluminum bathroom door design 

Folding aluminium

You can install single or modern doors with single or multiple panels. You can customize them in finishes to match your interior style.

These doors collapse into a small footprint. Thus, they are ideal for spacious bathrooms and maximize usable space. You can also install this design in bathrooms with limited space

2 – Laminated aluminum bathroom door design

Laminated aluminium bathroom door  

Here’s another perfect combo of style and durability! Its impressive features include easy cleaning, smooth operation, and modern looks. It also looks great in both home and commercial bathroom settings.

Customize them to fit diverse decor styles, like glossy and matte finishes. You can also mimic warm wood tones for rustic vibes and use metallic laminates for modern style. Then, you can opt for raw metal laminates for industrial bathrooms.

3 – Black aluminum bathroom door design

Black aluminium door

Look at another practical choice that blends with various bathroom decor styles. Black also adds a sense of luxury and drama to your bathroom design. 

Black aluminum doors can be bold statement pieces in large bathrooms. You can add insulated glass or panels to improve energy efficiency and soundproofing. 

4 – Sliding aluminum bathroom door design

Sliding aluminium bathroom door

The sliding plus aluminum element in this design offers many benefits. It enhances space in small bathrooms without compromising functionality. 

Use this design in large bathrooms to create a spacious feeling or open up in areas as required. 

5 – Blue aluminum bathroom door design 

Blue aluminium door

No one can stop you from making a bold statement whether you choose black or blue! It is a trending color for modern doors and interiors and offers a fresh and energetic vibe. 

The color blue is also associated with calmness and tranquility. It creates a soothing atmosphere in a bathroom setting. You enjoy rust-resistant, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly materials.

Bathroom glass door designs

Glass offers plenty of light and a luxe appearance. Thus, you may vouch for glass doors if your bathroom has poor lighting. However, your bathroom space must be ample to suit the aesthetics of glass designs.

1 – Sliding glass bathroom door designs

Sliding glass bathroom door designs  

Consider a shower stall with a sliding glass partition door if you want a seamless look. Modern rectangle sliding doors are also in vogue. 

Adding glass sliding door partitions is also a great way to separate your wet and dry bathroom areas. Its popular variations include hidden pocket-style and artistic sliding glass doors. 

2 – Frameless glass bathroom door design

Frameless glass door  

The frameless glass design is durable, easy to maintain, vibrant, attractive, and transparent. There are many themes to choose from about frameless glass door designs. 

It is the perfect finishing touch for a modern door with minimalist aesthetics. Achieve simplicity with tinted or frosted glass doors! They let light into space while also keeping things private.

3 – Wooden frame glass bathroom door design

Wooden frame glass bathroom door

Wood with glass offers functional benefits, aesthetics, and the ability to customize. This fusion is also a timeless choice that remains relevant despite changing trends. This fusion is also a timeless choice that remains relevant despite changing trends. 

Patterned, frosted, textured, or stained glass works well with wooden frames. You can also have a barn-style divided light wooden frame with frameless or framed glass. 

4 – PVC glass bathroom door design

PVC glass bathroom door design

You can design PVC panels with glass inserts. This works great in both traditional and modern bathroom settings. Implementing a sliding door mechanism with a PVC frame and glass panels is also trending.

PVC with frosted, patterned, or textured glass creates eclectic or artistic styles. 

5 – Aluminum glass bathroom door design

Aluminium glass door

It is versatile and stylish, combining the functionality of aluminum with glass! Whether you aim for a sleek, vibrant, or modern look, it enhances the ambiance. 

Its popular customizations include aluminum doors with frosted glass strips, mosaic glass panels/accents, and stained-glass panels. 

Bathroom wooden door designs

When it comes to selecting wooden doors for your bathroom, there are several options to consider. Solid core, hollow core, and solid wood doors are the three primary varieties of wooden doors that are frequently utilized in bathroom design. Each kind meets various needs and tastes and has unique characteristics and benefits of its own. Let’s learn about their five trendiest designs below! 

1 – Natural wood vertical-lined bathroom door design

Natural wood vertical lined door

This design features vertical lines or grooves, enhancing the natural wood beauty. It also creates a sense of height and elegance to your modern doors. 

You can customize this design with different types of wood (such as pine, oak, or walnut). Consider durability, moisture resistance, and aesthetic appeal while choosing wooden doors.

2 – Bathroom wooden door with small glass panels

Bathroom wooden door with small glass panels


You can install small glass panels with wooden frames, multiple small panels, and small clear glass with wooden grilles.

These doors also offer privacy depending upon the type of glass you use. You can highlight the architectural features and add character to your bathroom space. 

3 – Sliding wooden bathroom doors

Sliding wooden bathroom doors

Is your bathroom space limited? Use sliding wooden doors in different styles to enhance your bathroom and home decor.

These doors can be a focal point in your bathroom design. They are also easy to install, especially with a surface-mounted track system.

4 – Grey wooden bathroom doors

Grey wooden

You have different design options when choosing grey wooden doors for your bathroom. You can also go with solid grey doors and decorate them in various shades.

Then, you can insert glass panels to add a contemporary look while allowing light to pass through. Mixing grey with wooden accents also creates an inviting atmosphere. 

5 – Half beige PVC and half wooden bathroom doors

Half beige PVC and half wooden doors

The bathroom doors are divided evenly between beige PVC and wood materials. This unique feature adds a modern and natural touch to the space, creating a blend of contemporary and traditional aesthetics.

A PVC frame complements wooden inserts or panels to add warmth and texture to the door design. The combination of PVC and wood is eye-catching

Popular Bathroom Door Colors Combination



There is a wide range of shades, from deep navy to soft sky blue. You can add accents like brass or chrome and mix textures like matte or glossy finishes.

Dark brown

Dark brown

Dark doors show less wear and dirt than light doors, enhancing bathroom lighting.


White Door

Do you want to create the illusion of more space? Go for white! This color is also associated with hygiene and cleanliness. A white bathroom adapts to new styles without complexities.

Medium brown

Medium brown

Medium brown offers warm and inviting vibes. Shades like olive green, terracotta, or sandy beige create a harmonious look. Medium brown also shows less dirt and wear and is thus easy to maintain. 



If you are a minimalist, complement your bathrooms with a light grey door! Choose different shades of grey for walls, floors and fittings in a monochrome bathroom

How to Choose Bathroom Door Material

Choosing the right material for your bathroom door boils down to four key factors: durability, water resistance, style, and budget. First, consider how durable the material is.


Durability ensures your door can withstand potential impacts without significant damage. It also means a longer lifespan and easier maintenance. Regardless of the type you choose, check how durable the material is. What makes the difference is the quality of the material used!

Water Resistance

make sure the door is water-resistant. Bathrooms get humid, so materials like PVC and fiberglass work well since they won’t warp or swell.

Yet, if you want to use options like wood, you can treat them with a special water-resistant coating. Fiberglass and aluminum are also water-resistant choices worth considering. 


Style is crucial too. Choose a style based on your home decor. Using a wholly different style for your bathroom doors would look odd. So try to maintain design consistency. 

The type and functionality of the door should also match the bathroom’s layout. A coordinated color scheme is vital for an appealing bathroom atmosphere.


What is your budget? Maintaining an equilibrium of cost with the benefits each material offers is crucial. For instance, solid wood is expensive, whereas PVC is cheaper.

Consider the cost of installation as well within your expense. Some materials and door types need more complex installation processes, impacting labor costs. Consider factors like long-term maintenance while preparing your budget. 

Which Door Is Better For Your Bathroom: Wood or Glass?

Choosing between wood and glass doors for your bathroom comes down to your priorities. You can choose between them based on water resistance, durability, budget, and style. Wood provides a classic, timeless look. And glass offers a modern and elegant appearance. 

Wood offers excellent impact resistance but requires regular maintenance. However, tempered glass is robust and requires little maintenance. Wood can be more expensive than other high-quality options. Glass also offers a range of price points with higher installation costs. 

Thus, solid wood doors are expensive. Yet, you can invest in a custom solid wooden door for mid-range bathroom remodeling. 

So, choose to customize according to your specific needs and factors.


In conclusion, bathroom door designs are no longer just functional elements; they’re pivotal in creating a relaxing and stylish space. Ready to transform your bathroom’s design? Explore our comprehensive guide on the 25 latest bathroom door designs, each meticulously chosen to inspire and impress. Dive in now and find the perfect door to enhance your home!


Is the WPC door suitable for a bathroom?

WPC (wood-plastic composite) are waterproof doors and thus ideal for a bathroom space. They also resist rot, termites, and wetness. 

What bathroom color sells best?

Home buyers would pay 1.6 percent more for bathrooms with soothing blue walls.

How to make a bathroom door waterproof?

Firstly, you should buy a door made of waterproof material. If you fail to do so, check this bathroom waterproofing guide and use oil to waterproof your doors.



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