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How To Clean A Bong?

How To Clean Your Glass, Silicone or Plastic Bong?



This blog is all about how to clean a bong, but first to know what is a bong.

Bong is a smoking device that was very famous in Asia and Africa in earlier days. But, bongs weren’t limited only to those two continents. So, where were the bongs used despite these two locations?

We hope this question arrives in your mind. So let us help you!

Once upon a time, the Golden Bongs were used by an Iranian-Eurasian Scythe tribe to smoke. According to that, the bongs were first used there 2400 years ago. Before that, in 1100 and 1400 CE, these bongs existed in the Ethiopian cave.

Since a few states have legalized the use of bongs, many people are using a bong to smoke cannabis. And there is no better option than to get as high as a bong. Therefore, whether you use a bong occasionally or regularly, you must clean it to avoid mold and other issues.

We have some essential tips for cleaning your bong entirely in this blog. So, continue reading and following the cleaning tips carefully.

What is a bong?

GIrl With Bong

Before starting with the tips, you should know about the glorious history of a bong.

Bong is a filtration device invented by Bob Snodgrass during the 1970s. But, before that, Hakim Abul Faith invented bongs and tobacco in India during Emperor Akbar. Here, you must pass your tobacco through a small water container to make it harmless and then consume it.

Abul Faith suggested this. Nowadays, a bong is called a water pipe, a filtration device that you can use to consume tobacco and other herbal substances. It is commonly used to cool the smoke passed through and filled with water. It is legal to buy and sell a bong in many states, including India.

However, it does not harm you! Shocked? But that’s the fact, you should believe.

It has less harsh factors that do not affect your body or mental health. As a result, you can see that many youngsters are using it, and many states have legalized them. Below, you can also find various bongs available in the market.

Different Types Of Bongs

Types Of Bongs

Image Source – Kings Pipes

You will meet thousands of designs from realistic to classical, scientific to modern. The endless numbers of bongs are available, from custom glass designs for a blow to complex. Thus, every bong is unique and has different importance. See the following types of bongs.

1. Straight Tube Bongs 

These kinds of bongs are the most basic and easily available in the market. These bongs are simple, easy to use, and suitable for the novice starting to smoke cannabis.

2. Beaker Bongs

Have you done any experience in a science lab at a college or during school? If yes, you must remember the conical flasks. Beaker bongs look the same and offer many benefits to the smoker. On top of that, you can use it for your daily smoking, cannabis, or tobacco sessions.

3. Zig Zag Bongs

These bongs look fantastic and come in a zig-zag shape. These are the best choice if you want more than one curve and act as a splash guard.

4. Multi-Chamber Bongs

With these fascinating multi-chamber or recycled bongs, you can filter the smoke as often as possible. These kinds of bongs provide smooth hits and are perfect for anyone from novice to experienced.

5. Round Base Bongs

These kinds of bongs come with a spherical base and round base bongs work the same as a beaker bong. In addition, these bongs are stable and a bit more challenging to handle than the beaker bongs.

6. Percolator Bongs

These kinds of bongs have a wide range of shapes and sizes commonly used to filter the smoke. It comes with two percolators to provide many benefits. These are the perfect choice for smoking cannabis and tobacco.

Besides that, you can meet with the Faberge Egg bongs and Bubblers in the market. These are also excellent choices to smoke and start smoking cannabis by using bongs. So, whenever you smoke with a bong, remember that you can get endless designs and shapes for a bong,

So, once you have used the bongs, you should clean them. There are plenty of reasons you should clean your bong regularly or occasionally when you use the bong. So, let’s check them out quickly.

Why Do You Need To Clean A Bong?

You won’t believe it, but molds, fungi, bacteria, and viruses can quickly spread with the bong and go inside the body. It is universal that whatever we smoke goes inside the body and sometimes creates respiratory issues. As a result, you should clean your bong just like you clean your clothes.

Further, a bong is used to smoke smoothly; smooth smoking is impossible without proper cleaning. Cleaning your bong will allow you to get the bigger hits.

Along with that, the taste matters when you smoke using a bong. Cleaning your bong regularly will give you the exact taste of smoke of every substance you will use.

Sometimes, your bong can conserve the weed and make you uncomfortable while smoking. At that point, a clean bowl can help you spread less weed and make you comfortable for smoking sittings.

Lastly, if the water remains as it has been since its last use, it can cause you an issue. For sure, no one wants to get sick after smoking with a bong. Thus, cleaning the bong regularly or after use is an excellent choice. Also, you can clean it one or two days before your smoke-sitting programs.

However, the problem occurs when you don’t know the exact or easy way of cleaning a bong. Sometimes, your antique bong can also be damaged if you don’t clean it properly.

So, here are some essential tips that will help you clean your bong for sure. And also, know some necessary things needed to clean these bongs.

Things Needed To Clean A Bong 

If you are searching for how to clean a bong bowl, you should know about some essential things that tend to your bong. Cleaning needs a few necessary items. For example, if you wash a car, you need a hose, pressure washer, sponge, clothes, etc. Similarly, you will need the following things to clean your bong.

  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Epsom Salt
  • Universal Cleaning Caps and Plugs Set
  • Organic Cotton Swabs
  • Paper Towels
  • Dish Soap
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 91% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Bottle Brush
  • The Land Yacht
  • Latex Gloves
  • Plastic Bags

So, let’s start the cleaning process!

How To Clean A Glass Bong?

Glass Bong

1 – Stem & Bowl Removing

You place the cannabis on the stem and bowl. When you remove the stem and bowl, your bong becomes easier to clean.

2 – Take Out The Existing Water

Sometimes, when you add water to a bong, it sticks there. It is better if you don’t pour it into a drain. Instead, look for a sealed container or a sealed trash bag and pour water into it. Further, plants can be damaged if you throw them on plants due to their bacterial effects.

3 – Use A Zip-Top Bag

The next step is to have a zip-top bag containing the mess from a bong. You must use about 16 ounces or half of the pack. Also, pour an alcohol mixture into the bag if you use it. You can use white vinegar if you are not using alcohol. Remember that you need to keep it longer to soak all the mixtures.

4 – Adding Salt

Now, the most important part! When you add salt to the bong, it will clean the inside area and remove the resin. Alcohol is enough to keep that bong clean from the resin. But, some particles stay there as it is. And then salt is helpful to clean them. Thus, you can use enough salt to remove them as soon as possible.

5 – Bag Closing & Shaking 

After the above steps, you need to shake the bag, which can be messy. So, it will be better to close the top with a zip. After that, shake the bag to make the mixture of alcohol to salt inside the bong.

6 – Soak For 30 Minutes

It is not compulsory, but you can keep your bong with an alcohol mixture for 30 minutes soaking, and it will improve the effectiveness of cleaning your glass bong.

7 – Take Off The Bong

After thirty minutes, you need to take off your bong from the bag and dispose of the bag cautiously. Throw the bag away with the bong water to avoid the mess of the sink.

8 – Wash Your Bong Water

Now all you have to do is use the warm water, rinse your bong, and let it soak. The warm water and dish soap will help you break down the residual oil on the glass. Also, a mixture of alcohol and salt will come out after a wash.

9 – Cleaning After Soak Up

Only the last thing remains when you have done the above steps. You must get the pipe cleaner and scrub any resin if it remains. Use hot water and wash it properly. However, make sure it is dry enough to refill it with the cannabis and use it to smoke.

How To Clean A Silicone Bong?

Silicone Bongs

Image Source – Olivastu

One can never imagine the color combinations when it comes to silicone bongs. Various color combinations are available in silicone bongs and are all durable.

Also, the silicone bongs are the most affordable and made with high-quality heat-resistant silicone.

So, the traditional methods of cleaning silicone bongs can be harsh for the bongs. Therefore, you can use the following three ways to clean your silicone bong thoroughly.

– Use Dishwasher 

It is beneficial to have a dishwasher silicone bong!

  • Keep your bong on it and the other pieces on the overhead rack.
  • Keep your wash cycle ready and wash the silicone bong.
  • Make sure you are separately washing the silicone bong pieces.
  • After that, check if any dish detergent residue remains. If it remains, wash it properly.

– Use Soap & Water 

If you want a more effective way of washing silicone bongs, use hot water and mild dish soap.

  • First, keep small pieces aside.
  • Use hot water to wash the silicone bong.
  • Now use enough quantity to add dish soap inside the bong.
  • After that, check for resin if it remains.
  • If you see that, clean it by scrubbing it with the bottle brush.
  • Now wash your silicone bong with hot water and let it dry.

You are done here!

– Use Freezer 

You can use this freezer method to remove the build-up gunk and resin from your beautiful silicone bong. This is the last and most excellent way of cleaning your bong.

  • First of all, remove your silicone bong pieces.
  • Wash your silicone bong with water.
  • Keep every piece in the bong in the freezer for a few hours.
  • After that, take out the bong and remove the side gunk by bending the bong.

That’s done!

Aside from that, you can wash your silicone bong by using vinegar. First, you have to take hot water and add vinegar to it. After that, you can use baking soda to get the rinse off from your silicone bong.

Lastly, we want to give you a tip. Avoid the use of steel wool or scrubs on the silicone bongs. It may cause a scratch and the beauty of a silicone bong will be of no use.

How To Clean A Plastic Bong?

Plastic Bong

Image Source – Amazon

When you have a plastic bong, it becomes more vital to clean it appropriately. You need only three things to clean your plastic bong: a pipe cleaner, a large straw brush, and hot water. You must avoid alcohol, as it can damage or break down the plastic bongs.

  • Add hot water to the bong
  • Wash it properly.

Repeat these processes until the water runs thoroughly into a plastic bong. Once it’s done, you can keep it for drying. After that, if you want to keep it secure, you should change the water you keep in a bong.

How To Clean A Bong Without Alcohol? 

If you want to avoid using alcohol to wash your elegant bong, you can do that with three available methods. These include using vinegar, baking soda, boiling water, and dish soap. Check them out below.

How To Clean A Bong With Baking Soda?

We hope you remember that you can smoke smoothly if you clean your bong. So, let’s go through a few steps that clean your bong with baking soda.

First, you should have to wear gloves to detach your bong.

Please take out the water from the bong and keep doing some quick cleaning before going deep to clean it with baking soda.

Now, you can add vinegar to a bong base and baking soda. Shake it hard after covering the bong holes. When you see the vinegar ultimately showing a brownish color, take warm water and wash it gently.

Similarly, you can put the other items like pipe and bowl in the zip-top bag and add vinegar and soda to clean them. You need to give them an hour to soak, as they are the dirtiest part of a bong.

Remember that the original beauty of a bong will last long if you clean it regularly. However, if you don’t get the bong clean, follow the below step.

You can use the fresh lemon to clean your bong if some stains or resin stay in it. It will help you clean the bong, provide a fantastic smell, and remove stains. You need to squeeze the lemon into the bong base with hot water.

If you immerse peels in vinegar for many days, it will give you more deep results for cleaning. You need to swish the lemon in the entire bong and wash it.

How To Clean A Bong With Boiling Water? 

One of the easiest ways of cleaning your bong is using boiling water. However, remember that it is suitable for only thick glass bongs.

  • Go to your sink and place your bong.
  • Start with using the cotton swab and scraper to clean the bowl.
  • Now, get a kettle and boil it with water. After cooking, add this water to the sink’s bottom.
  • Let it be for at least 20 minutes or until the water cools.
  • Keep the water out of the sink.
  • Now keep away the tar and residue from a pipe cleaner and brush.
  • Use cool water and wash it gently.

That’s all, and you are done!

How To Wash A Bong With Dish Soap? 

This is another easy method to wash your bong without alcohol.

  • Get back to your sink and fill it with cool water.
  • Put the squirt of dish soap. The bubbly effect will come out here.
  • Now add your bong or bong pieces to the water and let it be for 20 minutes.
  • Get a cleaning brush or pipe cleaner.
  • Use a brush and scrub your bong thoroughly to clean it. You will need the pipe cleaner to clean the out stem.
  • Clean your pieces with a thorough pipe cleaner.
  • Take out the sink water and wash all the bong pieces with cool water.

And you are done!

These are three tips you can use to clean your bongs without alcohol. Another better way of cleaning the bong is making use of Epsom Salt.


Bongs have a glorious history straight from 1100 BC. Slowly, when the bongs became famous, the Indian Hakim Abul Faith created a bong when Emperor Akbar was a ruler.

However, it was later created by Bob Snodgrass in the 1970s. Today, many people have their bongs to smoke cannabis, which is legit. However, when it comes to bong cleaning, one must know the suitable ways to clean them.

In this blog, therefore, we have the best cleaning tips and proper ways that can help you clean bongs. Whether you are using glass, silicone, plastic, or other types of bongs, these methods will help you clean them.

Try these methods and clean your bong thoroughly and regularly if possible. By the end of the article, you will also meet with a few tips that will help you keep your bong safe.

So, read this article and let us know which method you will use to clean yours!


Q. How to clean a bong with household items? 

Ans. Cleaning your unique marijuana bong is not a hard nut to crack and needs significantly less time. There is no special equipment or products required. Only a few household items like vinegar, baking soda, lemon, alcohol, and hot water are needed to clean them at home. You can also try your household items to clean that bong. When you accumulate all these products, check our article for some excellent tips to clean your bong with household items.

Q. How to take care of your bong? 

Ans. Taking care of your bong is as essential as cleaning your bong. Make sure you are using filtered water in your bong. Also, keep in mind that you should avoid using unfiltered tap or spring water. You should also change the water in your bong regularly to keep it clean. This way, you can prevent mold in your bong. Further, if you clean your bong once a week briefly! Lastly, ensure that you store your bong in a bag or a hard case that secures your bong.

Q. Why should you buy a silicone bong? 

Ans. If you are a smoker and always try new types of bongs to smoke or cannabis use, you should try the silicone bong. Or you can keep it in your collection of bongs. These are elegant, and you can take them anywhere you want. Also, you can easily clean them with three different methods, and they are available in many designs.

Q. How to clean a bong with Epsom Salt? 

Ans. Until now, you have got many ways of cleaning a bong. It’s time to add that little advice to this blog to help you keep your bong clean. So let’s follow the below steps.

  • First, free up your bong, wash it, and add hot water to it.
  • Now, separate each piece of your favorite bong.
  • Finally, add the Epsom Salt with alcohol to your bong. It will remove the stain or resin from your bong.
  • Close the holes to shake them properly. Shake it for at least three to five minutes.
  • Now, wash it with clean water.
  • After that, let it dry.

Q. What are the tips to clean your bong? 

Ans. When it comes to a bong, smokers agree that having an antique one is a great feeling. And they know how to keep it safe for a long time. Also, they take care while cleaning and often use the following tips.

  • Don’t let water sit in a bong.
  • They keep it away from the sunlight.
  • They use salts while cleaning.

You can also use these tips to keep your bong safe and clean.

Q. How do bongs work? 

Ans. Bongs are available in an endless number of shapes, sizes, and colors. All these come with a small bowl holding a weed. So, when you start inhaling, the bong’s water starts bubbling. The smoke comes out through the water and then the chamber. After that, it enters your mouth and lungs.

Q. What things are involved in the making of bongs? 

Ans. Bongs are unique for smoking cannabis and are available in many designs and color combinations. However, all these bongs involve a bowl and a chamber. The bowl is used to keep the dried weed, and the chamber is used to fill water it.



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