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Best 15 Laundry Room Decor Ideas & DIY Hacks

Best 15 Laundry Room Decor Ideas & DIY Hacks



Whether you like it or not, doing laundry is virtually inevitable, and since you spend such a large part of your week washing, drying, and folding, it makes sense to design a laundry room that makes this never-ending chore more bearable.

Check out these 15 Laundry Room Decor Ideas. Some of these design concepts focus more on the room’s layout, giving you ideas on how to turn a closet, mudroom, or hallway into a multipurpose space, while others help you make the best use of whatever space you have with handy storage solutions and clever organizing tips.

Your laundry room should be tailored to your needs. So, just match the following ideas to your machines (stackable or top-loading washing machines), existing cabinets, and storage needs. Need a better way to manage extra sheets and cleaning products? Have drying racks, ironing boards, and laundry hampers that need to be hidden?

Consider a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. Mount them on the wall or install pull-out shelves in your cabinets. It’s not just about function. Learn from how different designers and bloggers integrated their farmhouse, modern, or classic styles into their space.

Why Do Your Laundry Rooms Need Decor Ideas?

People love the look and feel of clean clothes, but the truth is that many people can’t handle doing the washing, and it makes sense if their current laundry room is well decorated because this will serve as a motivation to always get into the room.

That is why we think every home should have a comfortable and super-functional laundry room for getting the job done. That is why we bring these decor ideas. You can also use your laundry room for other purposes, such as at-home office work or crafts, with the correct design.

Add a rustic wooden countertop that also serves as a folding and ironing station, or a wall of shelves for much-needed extra storage. You’ll find yourself using your laundry room a lot more now that it’s been remodeled.

Best Laundry Room Decor Products


Product Name

HaokHome 93042 Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Kate and Laurel Cates Wall Storage Cabinet

Livelynine 32 Pack Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

USTIDE Blue Modern Carpet For Laundry Room

Smartsome Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart

idee BDP-V23 Foldable & Rolling 3 Tier Clothes Drying Rack

Octavia Ironing Board Hanger With Wall Mount & Shelf

GREENSTELL Laundry Hamper With 2 Removable Liner Bags

SINGER | M1000.662 Sewing Machine

Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Metal Shoe Rack & Accessories Storage

Sauder Large Storage Cabinet

Wall Decor Ideas For Laundry Room

1. HaokHome 93042 Peel & Stick Wallpaper

HaokHome 93042 Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Image Credit: Amazon

Peel and stick installation is simple and quick! There’s no need for water, paste, or a mess! It is durable, washable, detachable, and repositionable textured material with a great finish. On the backing paper, there are grids and measures that you can easily cut to fit your needs.

This boho flower plant bouquet design with soft spring colors and a watercolor feel makes this print so lovely and appealing that it goes with most house designs and is a perfect choice for a laundry room decor idea.

The material is  Vinyl (textured, matte) + Glue + Release paper backing and it is the finest for a laundry room when the color is green/white. 1 roll of this wallpaper is 17.7 inches wide by 9.8ft long, it covers 14.5 square feet and could be installed even by just one person.

You can get this product on Amazon.

DIY Tips: Please apply this peel and stick wallpaper on any clean, dry, and smooth surface, make sure you buy enough rolls so it will be enough at a time, and make sure they come from the same batch to avoid color variations.

2. Kate and Laurel Cates Wall Storage Cabinet

Kate and Laurel Cates Wall Storage Cabinet

Image Credit: Amazon

This provides space for extra storage, adding aesthetics, and is very suitable for a large or small laundry room. It provides function and style with decorative charm, the rustic wooden white-washed finish and sliding barn door add a classic addition to your laundry room decor.

It is designed to last, it has a wood construction complemented by metal hardware. The sliding door is set in a wooden groove at the bottom holding it in place so you are sure of it not banging against the frame when it slides.

It comes with a 6.75″D x 21.75″W x 27.75″H dimensions and the material is wooden. The color is white and is perfect for the design. Get it on Amazon

Flooring & Tile Ideas For Laundry Room

1. Livelynine 32 Pack Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

Livelynine 32 Pack Peel & Stick Floor Tiles

Image Credit: Amazon

This product is very ideal if you want to create a laundry room you would always want to visit. It comes in size 12×12 inch including 32 tiles, thickness is 0.06in/tile and is made of vinyl, color peel and stick floor tile stickers, it is waterproof, removable, and it doesn’t need grout or special tools to install.

The product can be gotten on Amazon

DIY Tips: Installing this doesn’t require any grout or special tools. All you need to do is peel the backing and then stick it on the floor, and trim it with a utility knife if needed. The product allows DIVers to install on wood, concrete, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic, or over existing floors.

2. USTIDE Blue Modern Carpet For Laundry Room

USTIDE Blue Modern Carpet For Laundry Room

Image Credit: Amazon

This is a very little but necessary must-have product if you want to make a laundry room you would always want to be, it has a natural non-slip rubber backing and it is not easy to fade, it is wear-resistant which keeps it super durable, and the heavy weight makes the runner rugs stay in place.

It has a printed flocking surface, stain-resistant, and waterproof, and it is very easy to maintain, water sweep or vacuum can be used to clean. The size is 20″x48″(51x122cm) with about 5 mm thickness.

It is available on Amazon.

Quirky Laundry Room Accessories

1. Smartsome Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

Smartsome Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

Image Credit: Amazon

With 20 linear feet and 8 rods, you’ll have no problem finding enough space for your clothes. Also, this product can hold 60lbs of weight, so you can go ahead and air dry for freshness keeping the quality of your clothes.

The fold-away drying rack takes up almost no space when it is collapsed. You only have to expand when you need to dry your clothing and you should only expand when you need it and only as much as you need.

The dimensions are 30” wide x 22” deep x 19” tall Closed, and it is 1” away from the wall, the material is stainless steel and you can get this product from Amazon.

DIY Tips: The clothes drying rack is pre-assembled and takes only a few minutes to set up. The wall drying rack comes with an easy-to-follow installation pattern. Also included is all necessary hardware, such as sheetrock or concrete screws.

2. SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart

SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3 Bag Laundry Sorter Cart

Image Credit: Amazon

This is a very important laundry room tool that also adds aesthetics to it. It is made of alloy steel and the silver color makes it complements the other tools and products. It has durable Silver finish steel with an extra horizontal behind the bar, making it a solid frame.

The bag’s dimension is 23” H x 15.5” W x 8.5” D and the frame dimension is 30” L x 17.5” W x 33” H. It is available on Amazon.

3. idee BDP-V23 Foldable & Rolling 3 Tier Clothes Drying Rack

idee BDP-V23 Foldable & Rolling 3 Tier Clothes Drying Rack

Image Credit: Amazon

This product is very necessary for a laundry room, it is very useful and it adds a whole lot of beauty to the room too. It has six 33″ wide X 13″ deep drying rack shelves with 24 rust-proof stainless steel hanging rods in total to hang any size laundry to dry.

Each drying rack shelf is height-adjustable and can be folded down to conserve space in case you have a small laundry room. So, suit yourself and create the most efficient space each time to dry your laundry.

This product is made of stainless steel and the dimensions are 8.7″D x 33″W x 59″H. It could be gotten on Amazon.

4. Octavia Ironing Board Hanger With Wall Mount & Shelf

Octavia Ironing Board Hanger With Wall Mount & Shelf

Image Credit: Amazon

This is a multipurpose product that can be used as an ironing board hanger and storage. It makes the laundry room organized by offering a wooden-base basket for storage.

Meanwhile, it has two long removable hooks that fit the T-leg ironing board, though is unsuitable for Y-leg. They are made of thick iron material, and the hooks are wide and thick enough to hold an ironing board and any ironing accessories in the laundry room.

The color is black and its dimensions are 13 x 7 x 4 inches. You can get this product on Amazon.

DIY Tips: It is very easy to install, the installation manual and everything that is needed is in the box.

5. GREENSTELL Laundry Hamper With 2 Removable Liner Bags

GREENSTELL Laundry Hamper With 2 Removable Liner Bags

Image Credit: Amazon

The Greenstell washing hamper is made of high-quality synthetic rattan that is both waterproof and moistureproof. Because the hampers are handcrafted and each one is unique, there may be subtle variances.

The waterproof floor mat is included to keep your clothes from contacting the floor. The exquisite weaving and brilliant natural finish complement any furniture design style and will look great in your laundry area.

There’s no need to take an armful of laundry to the washer; simply remove the hamper’s liner bag and transport laundry with ease. Carrying the hamper from room to room in the house is quick and easy thanks to the metal handle on both sides.

The material used is rattan wood and the dimensions are 18.31 x 13.39 x 24.02 inches, weighing 4.3kg with a touch of natural color. The product can be purchased on Amazon.

Best Hand Picked Gadgets Or Products For Your Laundry Room

1. SINGER | M1000.662 Sewing Machine

SINGER M1000.662 Sewing Machine

Image Credit: Amazon

This is not a necessity but it is very important to have it in your laundry room. It is very simple, portable, easy to use, very lightweight, and portable, meaning it does not take up too much of your space. It is a great machine even for beginners.

The white color will complement the other decor tools, making it a perfect feat for you. You can get it on Amazon.

2. Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Metal Shoe Rack & Accessories Storage

Honey-Can-Do 4-Tier Metal Shoe Rack & Accessories Storage

Image Credit: Amazon

How many objects are you holding in your hands, hauling over your shoulder, or just generally transporting from whatever six spots you were at previously when you step through the door, give or take?

For those times when your hands are full, this white metal shoe and storage rack comes in handy. It can accommodate the boots, bags, packages, and other items that tend to pile up around doorways thanks to its four layers.

With this pioneering wire metal storage rack, lighten the load and straighten up those come-and-go objects. It is very ideal for the laundry room too. This rack is made of alloy steel, comes in white color and the dimensions are 24.8 in L x 11.8 in W x 27.6 in H (63 cm L x 30 cm W x 70.1 cm H).

It can be purchased on Amazon.

3. Sauder Large Storage Cabinet

Sauder Large Storage Cabinet

Image Credit: Amazon

This item provides more storage for your clothes and other laundry room accessories. It is made of recycled materials and is mounted on the floor.

The dimensions are 19.5″D x 40″W x 71″H. It has some storage behind a full-length door which includes a garment rod and fixed shelf. This cabinet has two drawers with metal runners and safety stops.

It is a must-have and can be purchased on Amazon.

Great DIY Hacks For Your Laundry Room

1. Add A Pet Washing Tub

Add A Pet Washing Tub

Image Credit: goodhousekeeping.com

Don’t forget about your four-legged companions! Make a cleaning area for your pet, making sure the tub’s width and height are appropriate for their size. Install a wall-mounted hanging rod and utilize it as a drip-drying space in between washes.

2. Let The Color Go Tone On Tone

Let The Color Go Tone On Tone

Image Credit: thespruce.com

To create a sense of unity and aesthetics, you must use cabinets, accessories, and machines that are in the same color family. While grays, blacks, and browns are generally a safe bet, this white-themed laundry room above proves that an unexpected color can transform a space.

3. Always Go With A Space Saving Storage Solution

Always Go With A Space Saving Storage Solution

Image Credit: interiordesign.lovetoknow.com

You can designate separate locations to store laundry items, keep laundry hampers out of the way, and correctly fold clean garments using a combination of drawers and pull-out shelves.


Q. What is a laundry room?

Ans: A laundry room is a space dedicated to the washing of garments. A laundry room in a modern home might have an automatic washer and dryer, as well as a huge basin, known as a laundry tub, for hand-washing delicate articles of clothing like sweaters and an ironing board.

Q. Is the laundry room safe for children?

Ans: Chemical cleaning items that are potentially dangerous to children can be stored in laundry rooms. All of these hazardous products can be stored in a laundry cabin. Everything you need, from detergents to pins to irons, is kept in one place when you have a separate laundry room.

Q. What makes a great laundry room?

Ans: Sorting, washing/drying, ironing, and folding/hanging are the four zones in which your laundry room should be constructed. With a little imagination, you can cram a lot of functionality into even the tiniest of spaces.

Q. Why should I decorate my laundry room?

Ans: Nobody enjoys doing the laundry. It is one of the least rooms anybody wants to be in in the house, but decorating it with the ideas above can help make it one of the most sought-after rooms in the house.

Q. How do I remove set-in stains after it has been washed and dried?

Ans: Because the heat of a dryer bond the stain more closely to the fabric fibers, removing a set-in stain is more difficult. Begin by following the original stain removal instructions. Allow plenty of time for the stain remover to do its job. Take your time and don’t rush through the steps.

If that doesn’t work, combine an oxygen-based bleach solution with cool water. Follow the instructions on the packaging for how much product to use per gallon of water. Submerge the soiled object completely and soak it for at least eight hours. Examine the stain. If it’s gone, wash normally. If it persists, make a new solution and try again. This procedure is your best shot for success, though it may take multiple soakings to remove the stain.

Q. How to prevent the fading of dark clothes?

Ans: To keep black garments black, don’t add coffee to the rinse water! Adding a cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse cycle, on the other hand, will assist eliminate detergent residue from the cloth, which dulls it. It will also relax the fibers of the clothing, allowing lint to adhere less strongly. Lint detracts from the appearance of clothing.

If you haven’t been cautious in preventing fading, you’ll have to dye your garments to restore their original color.

Q. What else can my laundry room be used for?

Ans: If you need to clean up a disaster, your laundry room is a wonderful spot to save some old towels. It can also be used to store additional linens that don’t fit anywhere else in your home. Towels and other linens can be kept in cabinets, wire baskets, or shelves made to order.

Q. How do I clean the washer, dryer, and other tools?

Ans: If moisture or detergent residue becomes trapped in front-loading washers, smells might develop. The same issue can happen with top-loaders, and automatic dispensers in both versions can become blocked. The first step in cleaning laundry is to have a clean machine. Neglecting a dryer can lead to more than just laundry issues: it can also lead to fires.

Q. Why is my laundry room so dreary?

Ans: The fact that most laundry rooms are gloomy, depressing environments with no form of enticing décor is perhaps the primary reason we procrastinate on laundry tasks.

Homeowners would most likely describe their laundry room as utilitarian, which Merriam Webster defines as “anything meant to be practical rather than attractive or comfortable.”

Despite popular belief, Organized Interiors has demonstrated time and time again with our various laundry room makeovers that both utility and elegant décor can coexist perfectly.

Q. How do I remove the cloth’s armpit stains?

Ans: The interplay between regular body oils and salts occurring from sweat with the contents of deodorants causes these unpleasant stains. Simply apply a stain remover or soak the affected cloth in undiluted white distilled vinegar for 10-15 minutes to eliminate the stains.

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