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How To Clean Baseboards

How To Clean Baseboards



The wall molding is the first impression of our house’s cleanliness. Because it is exempted from daily cleaning. Now the main question is how to clean baseboards.

Some people might wonder what a baseboard is. In terms of architecture, a baseboard trim is a board made of wood or vinyl. Firstly, the purpose of a skirting boards is to cover the lower portion of the interior wall where the wall joins the floor.

Secondly, the skirting boards covers any irregularities, taking beatings and shooting of vacuum cleaners, shoes, etc., and serves the purpose of decoration.

skirting boards are available in different variables such as wood, vinyl, etc., each exerting different kinds of nature and ability to react with the cleaning styles.

Different Types Of Baseboards

There are different types of materials that are used to make baseboards. Because of the following material type, you can use effective cleaning methods for your molding trim.

1. Medium Density Fibreboard

Medium Density Fibreboard Baseboards

Image Credit: Mission Moulding

MDF is a type of engineered wood product made by combining wood fibers and subjecting them to a pressurized treatment. While MDF is not ideal for staining because it lacks wood grains, it is highly suitable for painting.

2. Joined Pine

Joined Pine baseboards

Image Credit: Mission Moulding

Pine baseboards offer an affordable solution since pine is the least expensive among natural woods. The pre-primed joined pine molding has been treated to simplify the installation process.

3. Hardwoods

Hardwoods baseboards

Image Credit: SoCalTrim

Hardwoods are wainscoting materials known for their durability and resistance to damage. However, their high cost makes them less budget-friendly. Hardwoods enhance skirting boards with a wooden texture and are ideal for staining and varnishing. Maple and Oak are common examples of hardwoods.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl baseboards

Image Credit: Canac

Vinyl baseboards are crafted from synthetic materials, designed to resist water and termites, making them ideal for spaces like basements and utility rooms prone to moisture. These baseboards are secured with heavy-duty super glue for maximum durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even in high-traffic zones.

How To Clean Baseboards

Once you know which type of floor molding you are using, it becomes easy for you to choose between the various cleaning solutions. The baseboard trims are easy to clean, and you will need to do it only a couple of times.

Here are the top cleaning solutions for dirty base molding:

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

Image Credit: PowerPro Vacuum Cleaner By Philips

If you use a vacuum cleaner, the best attachment you will need is a brush attachment. This removes minute stuck particles on the trimboard surface.

Further, it helps clean the crevices that hold up dust, even at the bottom of the joint where the floor molding meets. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, a whisk broom is also helpful for cleaning the baseboard.

2. Wet Wipe or Baby Wipes

Wet Wipe

Image Credit: IndiaMART

Once the accumulated dry dust is wiped out, it is ready to clean the stubborn stuck dirt and the stains. The stubborn stains mainly occur in the mudroom and the kitchen. The greasy stains from the kitchen and the muddy stains have a standard solution.

You will need to mix liquid soap and vinegar into warm water, and using a melamine sponge proves efficient in cleaning the tough stains. Depending upon the materials of the skirting, you will need to stay careful and not apply too much water to the baseboard.

If the baseboard trim still holds dust particles in the crevices, a cotton swab, a microfibre cloth, or a toothbrush are the best options to clean it. When this is done, use a clean towel to dry the skirting board, as the presence of water on the skirting board can also damage it.

Baby wipes are only used for personal hygiene. But these wet wipes extremely help to remove all the dirt stains and scuff marks from the wall base.

3. Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets

Image Credit: Family Handyman

You can rub the baseboard with a dryer sheet as a preventive measure. Rubbing a dryer sheet over the baseboard creates static charges that prevent dust from coming closer.

Here are some extra measures that will prove beneficial to you;

  • The dust falling from cleaning the rooms will accumulate on the baseboard trim. Hence, whenever you start cleaning floor molding, always save them for the last.
  • When you start cleaning up the floor molding, only go consecutively. It is advisable to go room by room, which will let you observe a significant difference and motivate you to progress.
  • If the stains are permanently induced with the baseboard and nearly impossible to remove, you can apply a layer of befitting paint to cover up the stain.

Don’t Forget To Clean The Top and Openings Of Baseboards

With the main body of the baseboard, it is also essential to clean the top and the openings. To clean the openings, you will need a cotton swab dipped into the same cleansing solution.

How To Clean Baseboards Without Kneeling 

Cleaning your white, black, or any color baseboard without bending is a hard task. There is always a solution when you have a problem. So keep reading and follow the below baseboard cleaning hacks.

1. Flexible Dust Mop

The dust mop has a long handle and allows you to move the mop side to side without bending. The mop fibers allow you to clean the sides of the baseboard and the top.

Dust Mop

Image Credit: The Home Depot

2. Duster Wand

The flexible duster wand is one of the most useful tools that will let you stand and easily clean the baseboards. The microfiber head is flexible and can bend in desirable shapes to give you total reach while cleaning the dust. Also, the telescopic handle allows you to set the length of the mop.

Duster Wand

Image Credit: Amazon

3. Floor Mop

A floor mop or a simple mop is just made for cleaning any surface without bending down. You just need a bucket of clean water for cleaning any baseboards, floor, or surfaces. Keep one thing in mind: dirty water creates more stains on the surface.

Floor Mop

Image Credit: Amazon

4. Spray Bottle

With a floor mop, you must carry the bucket with you constantly, which might feel like a hassle. Filling a spray bottle with soap water allows you to carry the soap water with you, spray it on the baseboard, and mop it out.

Spray Bottle

Image Credit: Amazon

5. Baseboard Buddy

Baseboard Buddy

Image Credit: Amazon

How to clean baseboards without bending over, then answer is A mop with a telescopic handle. It allows you to work in a longer range while letting you remain standing.

A baseboard buddy is a padded tool that lets you clean the baseboard without making you bend down. It consists of a cleaning head that can swivel itself, adjusting according to the molding profile.

The baseboard buddy extends your reach by up to 4 feet to let you cover a greater distance while staying at the same place. You can use the baseboard buddy both wet and dry.

Apart from the cleaning methods and the baseboard materials, a separate treatment is needed for different categories of baseboards.

How To Clean Plain Baseboards

The most efficient way of cleaning a plain molding is by using the cleansing solution of liquid soap and hot water with vinegar. Spray the solution onto the molding and wipe it out with a damp towel.

The material chosen for the floor molding will also affect the cleaning process, as wooden materials tend to hold water and hold a chance to get rotten and deteriorate.

After dusting, cleaning, and wiping off the dust from the baseboard, a spread of oil is essential. This adds to their maintenance and increases usability.

How To Clean Wooden Baseboards 

Wooden base moldings are an excellent choice that adds to the decorum of the house. But at the same time, they will need your attention to keep their appealing nature long-lasting. The moisture in the baseboard causes the wood’s deformity and even discoloration.

To avoid this condition, add one tablespoon of mineral oil to the cleaning solution after dusting the baseboard trim. As you apply this solution for cleaning the floor molding and wiping it out, the oil will stay behind on the wood, preserving its condition. A wipe of the dryer sheet at the end will prevent dust from getting attracted to the skirting boards.

How To Clean White Baseboards

This is the most common question that comes to every individual’s mind. White base molding cleaning varies with the ones made from vinyl and the ones that are painted wood.

For the painted wood, you will need to remove all the loose dust and dirt from the surface of the molding trim. An effortless mix of all-purpose cleaner and warm water will let you clean the baseboards with a sponge or a microfibre cloth.

To remove the soap residue from the wall base, rinse the baseboard with a clean wet cloth. After this just wipe your molding trim with a dryer sheet.

For those made from Vinyl (PVC), carry out dusting of the baseboard trim. Use a solution of warm water mixed with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe the wall base with the solution with the help of a magic cleaner.

To maintain the whiteness of the wall base for a longer time, mix vinegar and hot water in a ratio of 1:4, respectively, spray on the molding, and leave it for some time like 10 minutes, then clean with a damp cloth.

Bonus: How To Clean Baseboards With Household Products

You can easily clean any baseboard with regular home products like vacuum cleaners, melamine sponges, dry sheets, etc. So, don’t spend extra on these household products. Below is the complete product list that you can use to clean the baseboard.

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

This helps in quickly getting rid of dirt and scuff marks. The micro scrubbers of the eraser reach the surface grooves and, with the soap scum, lift away the grease.

The eraser removes dirt with a single swipe and has no harmful chemicals or fumes. Just dip the eraser into the cleaning solution and make your baseboards shine like new.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Image Credit: Amazon


As said above, the baseboards are easy to clean. You will need to focus on the molding material you choose and start the cleaning for effective results. The moldings are easy to clean, and choosing a mop that saves you from bending makes the work easier for even someone with back pain.

A dusty baseboard trim signifies a wrong impression on the guests and visitors. In contrast, a clean and shiny baseboard trim boosts your confidence. The methods being simple, are achievable with minimum effort even with the use of regular household items.


Q. Which is The Best Baseboards Material?

Ans – Medium Density Fiberboard, AKA MDF, is the best material for the baseboard as it is less expensive and resistant to dust and damage.

Q. What Is The Best Color Choice For Baseboards?

Ans – White is the best choice for the color of the baseboards. White looks extremely elegant and could be matched with any wall paint.

Q. Do Baseboards Have Any Other Use?

Ans – Yes. Besides providing a decorative finishing touch, baseboards also cover up running wires.

Q. Can You Install Baseboards On Uneven Walls?

Ans – Yes. Moldings are made up of material like polystyrene. Therefore, they are easy to install on uneven walls as they are softer than wood.

Q. Is It Possible To Remove Baseboards?

Ans – Removing baseboards is a hectic job. In case the baseboards are old, it is better to get them repaired instead of removing them.

Q. Can You Nail Baseboards?

Ans – Yes, it is possible to nail the baseboards with a nail gun.

Q. Apart From The Above-Listed Materials, Are Baseboards Available In Any Other Materials?

Ans – Yes, baseboards are also installed as a diamond plate trim. The trims are made of aluminum and are more durable for foot traffic.

Q. Is It Necessary To Install Baseboards In The Garage?

Ans – The running water, insects, etc., have a great chance of seeping into the damaged walls. To prevent this, it is necessary to install baseboards in the garage.

Q. How To Clean Baseboards With A Bad Back?

Ans – If you have a back problem then just use any type of vacuum cleaner to clean your skirting board. Because a vacuum cleaner has a set of hose pipes to clean any surfaces.

You can also try soap water solution on the floor molding. Just spray this solution on a floor molding and use a long wand mop to clean it.

Wooden baseboards are an excellent choice that adds to the decorum of the house. But at the same time, they will need your attention to keep their appealing nature long-lasting. The moisture in the baseboard causes the wood’s deformity and even discoloration.



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